Summer Tween Workshops

Conditioning Workshop for Dancers

(Ages 8-12)

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30    -    August 18th-September 8th

This class will work to improve flexibility and strength in dancers of all abilities. Exercises and stretches for splits, leg extensions, feet and core strength will be practiced each week.  This class will target muscle groups used specifically in dance.  
Required Attire for Girls:  leotard & tights or fitness clothing, bare feet
Required Attire for Boys:  black gym shorts, white t-shirt, bare feet

Ballet Workshop

(Ages 8-12)

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30    -     August 18th-September 8th

This class focuses on Classical Ballet technique.  Students will develop poise and self-confidence as they refine their skills and terminology.  Open to new and experienced dancers.  
Required Attire for Girls:  leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes.  Lyrical shoes optional.  
Required Attire for Boys:  black gym shorts, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes

Leaps & Turns Workshop

(Ages 8-12)

Thursdays 7:30-8:30  -  August 20th-September 10th
A fun, skill-building class for all dancers, this class will focus on improving technique and execution of dozens of leaps and turns.  This class will review basics and progress to exciting, age-appropriate variations.  
Required Attire for Girls:  leotard, tights, Jazz, Ballet or Lyircal shoes
Required Attire for Boys:  black gym shorts, white t-shirt, black Jazz or Ballet shoes

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